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EXOCase – the ultimate flight case system! Waterproof and dustproof to IP55, tough, repairable and strong. Forget Rotationally moulded cases - if you need protection, you need EXOCase.

roto moulded cases

Roto Molded Cases

Get the benefits of Hardigg roto mold cases (also known as rotationally moulded cases) with complete dimensional flexibility.

The EXOCase system has been designed to be the perfect alternative to Hardigg’s range of rotomold cases, and as such offers a level of performance that has come to be expected of rotationally moulded cases.

However, despite their popularity, the main problem with rotationally moulded cases is that users have to select from a selection of standard sizes, often meaning the closest, rather than a perfect size is chosen. The EXOCase flight case system however solves this issue, as well as providing a number of key benefits over roto mold cases that the Hardigg products cannot offer.

rotationally moulded cases


Advantages of EXOCase over Roto molded cases

There are a number of reasons why the EXOCase flight cases are a viable alternative to the rotationally moulded options available. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, EXOCases offer complete dimensional flexibility, ensuring that the case is the perfect size each and every time. This is a much preferable solution to selecting the rotationally moulded case that the closest match, as this frequently means the need for extra foam, plus higher associated storage and transportation costs (as it will be larger and heavier).

This also means that the EXOCase is a properly engineered solution. By utilising the latest software, our designers can calculate the optimum level of foam required for the required cushioning protection, and we can then build the case around this. This is the opposite of how a Roto Mould case would be used, and can lead to reduced breakages in transit (and often completely eliminates problems that may have been experienced).

Improved Visual Appearance

Whilst it is certainly a matter of personal opinion, the majority of people we have spoken with much prefer the striking visual appearance of the EXOCase over that of rotationally moulded cases. Panels for the EXOCase can be specified in a huge range of colours, whilst as there is no ribbed enforcements for strength (as with the walls of roto molded cases), it is quick and easy to screen print logos, instructions, branding or identification on the EXOCases’ surface.

Whilst the rubber shock absorbing corners, stainless steel fittings and abs plastic coated aluminium frame also look great, they also provide exceptional strength and durability.

Benefits of Rotationally Moulded Cases

Of course, rotationally moulded cases have a number of highly desirable features, which is why so many people still use them today. However, many of the best features of a roto moulded case can be found on an EXOCase too!

Another benefit both cases offer is an IP rating – or ingress protection rating. This is a measure of how waterproof and dustproof a case or enclosure is. After strenuous and thorough testing, the EXOCase was found to be rated at IP55, meaning it offers exceptional protection from water and dust, in turn ensuring that the contents are safe even in the most demanding environments.

In fact, the EXOCase has been tested on a huge range of criteria, passing each with flying colours. From drop tests to compression tests, withstanding vibration and much more besides, the EXOCase can take practically anything that is thrown at it! Click below for further  information on the tests that the EXOCase was subjected to.

More benefits of EXOCase and Rota Moulded Cases

Besides this, there are even more benefits that the EXOCase can provide. In the event of a rota molded case becoming damaged, it has to simply be discarded. In the unlikely event of an EXOCase being damaged however, the modular design means that panels, corners, handles and pretty much any element can be replaced. This is a much more cost effective option than having to purchase an entirely new case!

EXOCases also provide all of the above benefits to rack-mounted cases as well – providing an exceptionally tough shell that will not bend or flex as rotationally molded cases can. Many rack mount solutions get their structural strength from the equipment being held in place, which puts additional strain on this usually very expensive equipment. EXOCase eradicates this issue however by providing a solid and sturdy rack mount for every application (including specialist sizes that do not fit within the traditional 19 inch sizes).

Why still use a Rotationally Moulded case?

So with all these benefits, why would you still want to use a rotationally molded case? For further information on how EXOCase could revolutionise your protective case requirements, and offer a superb alternative to roto molded cases, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

EXOCase - the waterproof, dustproof, IP rated, extra strong flight case and rotationally moulded case alternative!