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EXOCase – the ultimate flight case system! Waterproof and dustproof to IP55, tough, repairable and strong. Forget Rotationally moulded cases - if you need protection, you need EXOCase.

EXOCases offer full customisation options

Rack Mount Cases

EXO Case – the Ultimate Rack Mount Solution!

As well as revolutionising the flight case market, with its IP rating, waterproof properties and huge increase in strength over traditional fabricated cases, the EXOCase system is also the number one choice if you are looking for a rack mount case.

What are rack mount cases?

Rack mount cases, also known as 19 inch racks (for the most common, standard size), are effectively a standardised frame, case or enclosure that is used for mounting various computer, electronic and specialist equipment. The protruding edges allow for the individual pieces of equipment to be fastened to the case / rack frame, usually with screws.

Originally used as mounting systems for railroad signal relays, they are occasionally still refered to as relay racks in some industries / countries. However, whilst the equipment mounted has changed, the standards for the racks has remained largely unaltered, keeping the 19 inch (482.6mm) standard rack configuration. This setup is still prevalent in the computing, IT, entertainment, broadcast, audio and supporting industries, although the larger 23 inch standard tends to be used for telecommunications.

The first military use was around 1965, with reinforced, moulded plastic used. However, with the flexibility in terms of size, materials, colours and of course its high levels of strength and protection, the EXO Case has revolutionised the way in which rack mount cases can be utilised.

EXOCase uses cutting edge technology and advanced engineering techniques

EXOCase uses cutting edge technology and advanced engineering techniques

Uses of rack mount cases

Rack mount cases are used in a very diverse range of industries and markets. They are commonly used to house audio and video equipment for broadcasters, including amps, interfaces and even mixers. Computer server equipment will almost always be configured within rack mount units, as they help to reduce floor space required, allow for dense hardwear configuration and provide a level of protection also. Besides this, they are also frequently used in industrial power stations for automation and control systems.

One of the weaknesses with traditional rack mount cases however is that shear stress placed on the unit, and the equipment stored within, can significantly shorten the life of the entire unit. This is where EXO Case comes in – by offering a range of benefits not seen in traditional rack mount units.

EXOCases offer full customisation options

EXOCases offer full customisation options

The benefits of using EXO Case Rack Mount Units.

Below are the 5 main benefits that using an EXO Case rack mount case provides…

  • Strength & Shock Protection:  The Inherent 19” rack unit option of EXOCase offers a fully customisable selection of units for even the most fragile, delicate and expensive rack mounted equipment. Additional protection is provided through the strength of the extrusions and corner joints, which ensures the EXOCase rack mounts  are a much stronger solution than standard rack units, where the mounted modules often provide a large degree of the dimensional strength. The integrated shock mounts that can be matched to the exact requirements of the equipment to be mounted also ensure unrivalled levels of protection.
  • Reliability: Having been subjected to numerous tests, carried out by the leading international experts TÜV SÜD, the EXO Case has been proved to excel in a number of environments.  It can withstand extremes of temperature, impacts and heavy loads, all of which do not impair performance. This immediately offers a wide range of benefits that are simply not found in traditional rack mount units.
  • Sizes: Although rack mount systems tend to be built to specific, standard sizes, due to the flexibility of the EXO Case system we can create rack mounting solutions to any given shape and size. This provides cost savings through enhanced performance, not having to “make do” with a case that isn’t 100 percent perfect, and can also reduce damage to the equipment housed. All this, and they can be ordered in quantities of as many or as few as required.
  • Customisation Options: Every EXO Case that we produce is created to exact specifications supplied by you. Colours, panel materials, sizes, fittings, fixtures and indeed everything you can think of can be customised to ensure the solution is just right.  Logos, branding and instructions can also be added through a screen printing service, and additional hinged lids, panels and so on can be easily fabricated too.
  • Cost: Despite offering a massive range of features and benefits when compared with traditional flight cases and rack mount cases, the EXO Case system is exceptionally competitive on price as well. The additional strength it offers also ensures fewer breakages in transit and a longer lifespan, as well as eliminating the need for it to frequently be replaced. Specifying exact sizes also reduces transportation and storage costs.

EXO Case Rack Mount Systems

So there you have it – if you need a rack mount case that won’t let you down, you need EXO Case!


EXOCase - the waterproof, dustproof, IP rated, extra strong flight case and rotationally moulded case alternative!