Oil, Gas and Offshore

EXOCase protective cases were originally designed for use in the oil & gas / offshore industry, with far superior engineering compared when compared with alternative solutions.

The EXOcase was initially created to meet the rigorous demands of the offshore industry, as it’s array of features ensures it is perfect to cope with the extreme environmental demands associated with this sector (especially compared to existing protective cases).  GWP Protective currently supply a number of high profile names in the oil and gas industry.

The offshore industry is a major part of the UK economy, and benefits everyday life in numerous ways. The products, either directly or indirectly associated with it makes a major contribution to the UK economy in terms of tax revenues, technologies and exports. This includes supplying energy both commercially and domestically, fuel for transport, plus raw materials used to produce countless everyday items. Its extensive supply chain also means that the industry employs hundreds of thousands of people.

EXOCase protective cases originally designed for offshore use

Working with the government, it faces the challenge and responsibility to ensure the nation gains maximum benefit from our oil and gas reserves. The economic and social benefits of oil and gas production must be carefully balanced alongside careful management of the finite natural resources whilst providing the most scrutinised levels of environmental care.

The EXOCase and GWPs’ protective cases, transit and storage solutions are already in operation throughout the world, protecting equipment that in some cases is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. We have designed and built protective cases for extremely fragile electronic products, sub sea remotely operated handling equipment and a multitude of other high value, offshore components. Plus, every EXOCase we supply can be offered with CNC profiled foam inserts, designed and manufactured in-house by GWP Protective at our Wiltshire factory.

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