Medical and Metrology

An extremely sensitive market, EXOCase offers a level of reliability and protection for Medical / Metrology sectors that traditional protective cases simply can't match.

With the UK medical market growing by almost 10% in the last year, the emphasis within the supporting industries has focused on the next generation of high tech devices. This has seen a rise in the requirement for protective cases, transit and storage solutions – a requirement that EXOCase has been able to meet with much greater success than traditional flight cases.

In an industry where the reliability and condition of surgical equipment and instrumentation can literally be the difference between life and death, manufacturers of medical equipment are increasingly turning to us and EXOCase for their transit protection requirements.

Expertly enginnered protection for the medical and metrological industries

Leading the way in design, development and also production, the UK market is now established as a key area for manufacturing both medical and metrological products and services. This view is reinforced by the UK Government providing grants and support for companies operating in these sectors. With improvements in both life expectancy and the quality of life, the market is expanding and developing through innovation and technological ingenuity. Striving to improve the speed, effectiveness, accuracy and cost efficiency of health-care delivery has become a key part of the UK economy.

EXOCases customised with foam inserts are increasingly being used in Surgical Instrument hire applications, where the quality of engineering and manufacturing standards guarantee a longer lifespan and greater reliability than existing protective and flight case systems. With market leading expertise in this sector, we can provide the optimum solution for any high value and high importance medical, surgical and metrological equipment.

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