Defence Sector & FATS/4

By offering a vast array of impressive features and engineering excellence, EXOCase is a genuine alternative to traditional moulded and flight cases.

The defence sector presents a great number of unique and distinct challenges. It is a market that faces a high degree of public scrutiny, as well as continued pressure to realise value in regards to time, cost and quality. It is therefore a sector which the EXOCase protective case solution is ideally suited to – offering greater value, strength, re-usability and reliability than alternative flight cases.

In order to meet the challenges of the defence sector, GWP Protective are pleased to announce that as of May 2012, we are now an official member of the Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS/4). The scheme was developed and is administered by the Technical Professional and Consultancy (TPAC) Team within the MoD, and has been designed to provide the MoD and its’ clients with a quicker and simplified method of procuring specialist capabilities from suppliers.

EXOCase is ideally suited to military & defence applications

Our largest market is Defence, representing approximately a third of our business. From communications hardware to missiles, we offer fully customised EXOCases, complete with foam lining and inserts which have been engineered to ensure that our customers’ equipment goes into service in the same condition as it left their factories.

As sole suppliers to a number of high profile defence contractors, GWP Protective have extensive experience in developing protective transit equipment for use within air, sea and land applications. Besides this, due to the FATS/4 contract, GWP Protectives’ range of services can now be easily accessed by not only the MoD, but also by other government departments and organisations including the Home Office, Metropolitan Police Service, Meteorological Office and HM Revenue and Customs.

We also work with many of the UK Police forces, engineering bespoke foam inserts for armed response vehicles and weaponry storage facilities. This depth and breadth of knowledge and experience ensures that GWP Protective are able to supply EXOCase as the perfect tailored solution every time.

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