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EXOcase is ideal for all aspects of the automotive & motorsport industry - offering far greater protection and a longer lifespan than traditional flight cases.

GWP Protective has a proven track record in supplying precision engineered transit solutions and protective cases for high value components, tools and equipment. The superb protection offered by EXOCase, combined with custom foam inserts and our award winning in-house design team, has seen us work with numerous commercial & domestic vehicle manufacturers, including a number of Formula 1 teams.

Despite the down-turn in the UK and global economies, the British automotive industry has remained strong. There are more than 20 volume manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles, over 10 niche / specialist companies and numerous F1 & motorsport teams based in the British Isles. This proliferation of organisations results in annual production of more than one million vehicles and over two million engines.

Automotive & motorsport equipment protective cases

Approximately 4 out of every 5 vehicles produced in the UK are exported – approximately £29 billion in 2010 – with increased sales of premium products to markets such as China and the US enhancing the UK’s performance. Supporting this, almost 80% of all components can be sourced from UK companies, adding around £4.5 billion to the economy each year. With the sector representing almost 11% of all UK trade in goods in 2010, this is a market that is certain to see continued investment, growth and innovation.*

GWP Group Automotive clients are increasingly turning to the EXOCase protective case solution for transporting their valuable items. As a result of our ISO accredited engineering and manufacturing standards, and the rigorous testing of the EXOCase, we can guarantee a longer lifespan for protective cases subjected to hundreds of uses over a period of several years (compared with traditional flight cases). With market leading expertise in this sector, we can provide the optimum solution for any high value and high importance tool, equipment or components.

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* Source: “Motor Industry Facts 2012” The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

EXOCase - the waterproof, dustproof, IP rated, extra strong flight case and rotationally moulded case alternative!