Aerospace Industry

EXOcase is the perfect protective case solution for the aerospace industry - being as highly engineered as many of the components it is protecting

GWP Protective supply into a broad spectrum of companies in every tier of the Aerospace industry – and the unique benefits of EXOCase make it the perfect protective case solution for this sector.

The UK aerospace industry is the second or third largest national aerospace industry in the world, (depending on how this is measured / defined) The industry employs approximately 113,000 people directly and around another 276,000 indirectly, resulting in an annual turnover of around £20 billion. Domestic companies with a large presence in the British aerospace industry include BAE Systems (the world’s second-largest defence contractor), Britten-Norman, Cobham, GKN, Meggitt, QinetiQ, and Rolls-Royce (the world’s second-largest aircraft engine maker).

EXOCase - perfect for the aerospace industry

As well as supplying directly into some very high profile UK based Aerospace companies, GWP Protective have a high number of customers manufacturing a multitude of components for both Military and Commercial aircraft. As well as designing and manufacturing specialist transit packaging solutions and protective cases for components including engines, electronics and communications equipment, we have vast experience in the design of re-usable supply chain packaging and in-plant handling equipment. Our CNC machined foam inserts for the EXOCase flight case alternative are in use throughout several Aerospace component providers.

A leading UK technology company has recently specified a requirement to transport fragile electronic equipment between the UK and USA.  Despite having specified bespoke protective packaging (flight cases) for this equipment, many items were arriving at their destination broken, creating extremely expensive and time consuming customer complaints.

The company approached GWP to redesign the existing packaging to optimise performance.  Through a redesign of the foam inserts, this was improved to provide a precisely engineered level of shock protection – and the customer has been delighted with the results.

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EXOCase - the waterproof, dustproof, IP rated, extra strong flight case and rotationally moulded case alternative!