EXOCase Benefits

Offering numerous benefits over traditional flight cases, EXOCase is a must if you need advanced protection for your high value equipment and products.

The EXO case is the perfect alternative to traditional flight cases and rotationally moulded cases (roto mould cases) for a number of reasons. It combines the dimensional flexibility of a fabricated case with the durability of a roto moulded transit case. It is waterproof, dustproof, up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case, can be adapted to almost any requirement (sizes, panel material, colours, foam inserts etc) and has interchangeable components – meaning it can be repaired much more easily than a standard protective case (rotationally moulded cases, once damaged, need to be discarded).

The unique exo-skeletal design – inspired by nature’s battle tank, the Stag Beetle – ensures maximum protection of high value instrumentation & sensitive equipment during storage and transportation.

All this and it is the only IP certified flight case on the market – making a true alternative to roto moulded cases!

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If you need protection then don’t even consider a flight case or rotationally moulded case – you need EXOcase!

EXOCase - the waterproof, dustproof, IP rated, extra strong flight case and rotationally moulded case alternative!