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EXOCase – the ultimate flight case system! Waterproof and dustproof to IP55, tough, repairable and strong. Forget Rotationally moulded cases - if you need protection, you need EXOCase.

EXOCase - the perfect protective case for oil and gas / offshore

EXO Cases for Sub Sea Applications

EXOCase – the Perfect Protective Case for Sub Sea Industries

Being designed, initially, with the oil and gas, offshore and subsea markets in mind, the EXOCase is of course the perfect protective case for any company or organization operating in these markets. It can effortlessly cope with the extreme environmental demands placed on it thanks to its IP rating, additional strength over traditional flight cases and inherent waterproof qualities. This has seen the EXOCase already being extensively used in these industries.

EXOCase - the worlds first waterproof, dustproof, IP55 rated flight case system

EXOCase – the worlds first waterproof, dustproof, IP55 rated flight case system

What is Sub Sea Engineering?

Effectively, the term “subsea” relates to the activities undertaken by companies operating in the offshore industries – exploration, drilling and development of oil and gas fields in underwater (subsea) locations. This has seen the term also used as a prefix to many other terms, including subsea development, subsea well etc.

Subsea projects and developments can be further split into 2 distinct areas – shallow water and deep water. The difference is that deep-water locations are generally over 600 feet in depth. There are many challenges that face both of these activities, resulting in specialist equipment that can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

The earliest subsea project that was completed successfully, was in 1943 at Lake Erie. This was a “mere” 35 foot in depth, and required divers to install and maintain the flow lines and connections. Shell, one of the major names in the industry completed its first subsea well in 1961 (in the Gulf of Mexico), and the industry has since seen innovation after innovation in order to reach increasingly difficult and remote deposits and fields.

Advantages of EXOCase in this Sector

There are numerous benefits that the EXOCase can offer to this most demanding of industries – especially when compared to the standard flight cases available. Firstly, when compared with moulded cases that offer similar strength and waterproof performance, the EXOCase can be manufactured to any shape, size and dimensions. This flexibility ensures that it is always the perfect fit for the equipment, as well as saving on transportation and storage costs.  Even with this flexibility in terms of sizes, the EXO Case is also extremely strong thanks to the unique exo-skeletal design. The extrusions, panels and fixtures all combine to ensure that the EXOCase can be up to 6 times stronger than traditional flight cases.

This all leads to case that can handle pretty much whatever is thrown at it. It is waterproof, dustproof, exceptionally hardwearing and shock and impact resistant. Of particular importance is the IP55 rating, meaning that expensive, mission critical equipment stays dry even on the most remote rigs. It has also been tested extensively by TUV SUD, meaning the protection promised is the protection you will get.

In the unlikely event that EXO Case becomes damaged, its unique design means it is easily repaired by replacing individual panels, corners or extrusions. The high level of workmanship and quality – with each case being designed and built in the UK – ensures you have peace of mind that they will not fail.

Finally, the EXOCase is very competitively priced, so why not get all of these great additional features for your money? Thanks to GWP’s expertise in foam engineering and dunnage, we can completely customise each case to your exact needs and offer a level of protection that you would not have even believed possible.

GWP Protective are market leaders in engineered foam inserts for protective cases

Case Study – EXOCase Utilised by Major Australian Sub Sea Company

The EXOCase is already used in transit and storage solutions throughout the world, protecting equipment, components and tools that in many cases are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. GWP Protective have already expertly designed and built protective cases for extremely fragile electronic products, sub sea remotely operated handling equipment and a multitude of other high value, offshore components. All this, and every EXOCase we supply can be offered with CNC profiled foam inserts, designed and manufactured in-house by GWP Protective at our Wiltshire production facility.

Recently, a major Australian sub-sea engineering company have provided GWP Protective with an extensive order for EXO Case. With well over 30 cases being produced to exacting standards, all of which have been customised with foam inserts (including a logo in each lid), the production time of under 4 weeks has shown that EXOCase is a far superior alternative to traditional flight cases.


EXOcase – Ideal for Subsea Industries

Looking for a protective case with a range of features that make it unrivalled in the subsea sectors? If so, then you definitely need to consider EXO Case. Contact us today to find out more.

EXOCase - the waterproof, dustproof, IP rated, extra strong flight case and rotationally moulded case alternative!