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EXOCase – the ultimate flight case system! Waterproof and dustproof to IP55, tough, repairable and strong. Forget Rotationally moulded cases - if you need protection, you need EXOCase.

EXOCase - the worlds first waterproof, dustproof, IP55 rated flight case system

EXO Case Flight Cases in the Press

The launch of the EXO Case flight case system – widely acclaimed as a revolution in flight case design – has seen the product in a wide range of local and national publications and online sites.

Working hand with VOX, a PR agency based in Swindon, has seen the exposure afforded to the EXOCase system grow rapidly. Many publications, particularly those in the business and packaging sectors, have been keen to extol the virtues of the EXOCase flight case system due to the vast frange of great features it offers.

This includes it being the first truly waterproof flight case, its IP rating, military testing, dimensional flexibility and customisation options, plus its strength – being up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case.

The general message from these specialist publications has been that if you need a flight case, you would be wise to consider EXO Case.

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EXOCase - the waterproof, dustproof, IP rated, extra strong flight case and rotationally moulded case alternative!