Logo Printing and Personalisation

Further enhance the appearance of your EXOCase compared to standard flight cases, by adding printed logos & personalisation.

All EXOCases can be personalised through our screen-printing service – further improving their aesthetic appeal when compared with ordinary flight case and rotationally moulded cases (which due to their surface can be exceptionally diffiult to print onto). Whether it be enhancing your corporate image by applying your company logo to the panels (allowing stand-out and increasing awareness in often crowded market-places), to add instructions for use or even to detail the contents of the case, we can help.

Screen printing onto cases available

The printing service provided uses specially formulated ink for a striking and long-lasting result. We There is also a variety of labelling to suit, including domed, engraved laser edge and bespoke.

Screen printing is the most versatile of all design processes. It can be used to print on a wide variety of substrates/panel materials, allowing us the freedom and creativity to produce the perfect printing solution whatever the specification of your EXOcase. Why would you want to put up with a standard flight case again?

If you would like to know more about how we can personalise your protective case, or to request a quote, please click the button below.

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