JIT and Mobile Design Service

We take pride in offering market leading services and designs that make us more than just another case manufacturer.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a complete and innovative service – from concepts to detailed design and through production to delivery of all our protective cases. We have an experienced sales and customer services team, an award winning in-house design department and a modern, well equipped manufacturing facility to back up this service. Customers with higher volume and on-going requirements can also benefit from a fully managed JIT stockholding and delivery service.

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Just In Time Delivery

In addition to our core business as a custom flight case and foam insert manufacturer, we also appreciate the importance of being responsive to our customers’ needs and take pride in our ability to respond quickly. Our “Just In Time” service therefore provides unrivalled logistical solutions, allowing you to reduce your stock holding and associated costs and call off your products when required through our pioneering online ordering service.

Just In Time delivery service
Mobile Design

Following investment in the latest portable digitising equipment, GWP’s design team are now able to offer a mobile service to customers whose products are too large, valuable or sensitive to otherwise release during the design process.

This extremely accurate measuring device, when linked to a laptop computer, is able to quickly and easily capture the dimensions and profiles of almost any item, enabling our design team to develop case and insert solutions within much tighter tolerances than previous methods.

Mobile design service

Following a consultative visit from one of our sales team, and an in-depth design process within our design department, we will be able to supply a quote for the specific job in question. Once this has been agreed and an order placed, we are able to present clients with a 3D image of our final design by email, prior to committing to the production process.

After conceptual approval of a design, a pre-production sample can be supplied very quickly for final approval. This approach ensures that our protective cases and foam inserts are right first time, every time, eliminating costly mistakes and missed deadlines.

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