Engineered Foam Inserts

Enhance your EXOCase with custom engineered foam inserts - providing the ideal protection for your products or equipment.

Since our business was formed in 1990, GWP Protective have boasted a wealth of knowledge and engineering expertise with high quality foams such as Plastazote and other cross-linked polyethylene materials. Using CNC routing, water-jet and pressing technology, we manufacture custom foam inserts for an infinite variety of protective cases – including of course EXOCase.

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Our production facilities are enhanced by an award winning in-house design department, equipped with cutting-edge 3D CAD systems and digitising hardware. Any irregular or awkwardly shaped items can be profiled straight onto the CAD system, from which we can create a detailed, 3D design “proof” which allows for quick and simple customer approval. The same profile can then be transferred digitally straight to the CNC production equipment – guaranteeing an exceptionally well engineered fit between product and foam insert and also providing an engineered level of protection.

Bespoke Engineered Foam Inserts

We use revolutionary, industry leading software that allows us to engineer very precise shock protection levels  for optimum protection. When used in our case insert applications, Plastazote foam provides both excellent cushioning and perfect presentation. Every Exocase can be supplied with a bespoke Plastazote foam case insert, providing bespoke protection whatever your product or equipment.

Bespoke Engineered Foam Inserts

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